Falli Soffrire Gli Uomini Preferiscono Le Stronze / Why Men Love Bitches – Italian Edition eBook: SHERRY ARGOV: : Kindle-Shop. Gli uomini preferiscono le stronze. La versione aggiornata by Sherry Argov, A. Romeo, E. Tassi (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday. Falli soffrire. Gli uomini preferiscono le stronze by Sherry Argov, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Falli soffrire: Gli uomini preferiscono le stronze

To say the truth, I was shocked. The underlying premise of the book is about having self respect, self love and maintaining control of yourself and your power as a woman. Una guida alle relazioni di coppia rivolta alle donne “troppo premurose”. Mesi di noiosissime partite in televisione, di giornate con pregeriscono occhi appiccicati al cellulare in attesa che chiami.

She understands that if someone does not approve of her, it’s just one person’s opinion; therefore, it’s of no real importance. That what the author means by bitches and NOT the other common meaning. I have yli say that women need to be honest. I don’t know about that, but I think, this book might have helped her.

Takeaway s from a man. Mesi di noiosissime partite in televisione, di giornate con gli occhi appiccicati al cellulare in attesa che chiami. A Bitch is someone who loves prefferiscono more than any man, and will never let a man control here life, no matter how much she loves him.

Just be your selfand don’t be super nice with men or even with women. I will take the advice about being a gl selfish in a relationship, I mean who wants to be a doormat!?! Yes the title is a xtronze much but you get the true meaning of the word bitch when you actually read the book. E se fosse solo una che ha capito tutto? It’s not intended for you.

Because Argov delivers it all in such a witty, light hearted, relatable, and addictive way. You will learn so many things, even things glo we already know but just ignore.


Refresh and try again.

Falli soffrire. Gli uomini preferiscono le stronze

That being said, being overly-simplistic about how men and women are does not detract from the overall message of the book, which is that a woman should keep her center and some healthy boundaries at all times. Mine was a co-worker of mine.

While it makes very good points and gives strong advice, the book’s strength lies in its delivery of preferizcono material. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Falli soffrire: Gli uomini preferiscono le stronze by Sherry Argov (4 star ratings)

I have a motorcycle that I have worked on myself, and I can change my own car’s oil and tires. Because of this, she relates to a man very differently. Fix It but I can definitely handle some tools.

E lui cosa fa? Overall though, it was a great read, with mm And if a guy doesn’t like me anymore, sure as hell I won’t try to woo him. My point is that it is good to know how to be a “bitch”, how to be that strong version of ourselves but sometimes we should be allowed to show our “weak” side to see which guy wouldn’t run away from us, who stromze stick around even for our weaknesses.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Short, simple and absolutely necessary for some women to hear.

Don’t take too much for granted. Lists with This Book. There are in total and they are all listed towards the end of the book Bitch in this context is basically a headstrong, self-assured, if you don’t like it someone else will kinda girl that doesn’t take guff from anyone. Take it or leave it. This book did that. Instead of the regular romantic tips and advises or how to look hot and pretty, Sherry Preferiscoo came up with a “focus on your life” prefferiscono.

Just be who you are, and he’ll take you or leave you. The book can be summarized with ‘If you don’t respect yourself no one else will’, which sounds pretty obvious. And, if the book hadn’t been recommended to me by a very trustworthy friend, I never would have picked it up. Each section is centered around what Argov calls “Attraction Principles”.


This book has tips on how to keep things interesting and to make guys crazy over you. What Sherry means by the word bitch This book is great advice for any women are are pushovers. And while I’d rather break up with someone who’s trying to manipulate me than be a ‘bitch’, it’s an interesting and useful summary of things to look out for in a potential partner.

I do not agree with everything that has been written in it, but I do believe that its content is very valuable.

I have seen a lot of women in my life doing the same things that the “nice girl” does, and of course the result was that they were taken for granted. This is also a big book on manipulation, and I didn’t always agree with it -I’m not exactly willing to allow male ego to alter my behavior, for example- but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work.

This goes back to the being yourself part: The book is clear message and guide for women, how should they act and make others “men” believe that they respect their selfs principle of self-help, how to be strong and independent. I won’t recommend it to guys though, because I don’t want you to know our preferiwcono.

If you do not have problems with giving too much of yourself to a relationship, ld don’t even bother to read this book. I enjoyed reading this book, though.

When I started to read this book I came into work proclaiming I had found her bible she had never written. Be communicative – guys arn’t mind readers.